Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Search Of Sight - Animism


Reverb Nation

Song - "Animism"

Hello ladies and djentlemen, today I'll be bringing you a little treat that I've personally been stoked on for a long time. I've actually been meaning to review some other bands, but when I remembered that this was dropping last night, I had to get to it right away. When I had heard of the band called In Search Of Sight, I was immediately hooked by their very melodic, yet technical style of djent. Guitars harmonized one second and then dropped the low tuned riffage down on you, vocals were melodically sang by one of the more unique sounding vocalists I'd heard in a while, and bass and drums tied everything together to leave a djentastic sounding song. Well folks, In Search Of Sight is here now with the release of their EP "Animism" and boy......it did not disappoint.

Lets just state two things right off the bat. First off, In Search Of Sight is heavy. With djent, you know the listen will not be djentle, but will be brutally low and leave djents in your car door speakers. In Search Of Sight does not change this formula, as you'll be assaulted by heavy guitar and bombarded by bass. So no surprise here that In Search Of Sight is heavy. Secondly though, In Search Of Sight is not heavy. Contradiction much? No sir, just truth. It'd be a shame to label this band as simply one thing because they're so diverse. Yes, sometimes they put on an Ivan Drago style beatdown on your ears, but then sooth it out with their harmonious guitar and vocal lines.

Guitarists Russell and Brian get such amazing chops on their instruments by actually sharpening the bodies of their guitars into real life axes and having duels with fellow Texan warriors, terrorists, coyotes, and even the occasional wild Jackalope. This axe wielding prowess doesn't just grow on trees people, it takes intense training that can only be offered in the scorching temperatures of Fort Worth Texas to get as good as they are. Brian practices his bass by helping modern day science. Though the rumble of his bass has caused a few earthquakes this year, it has been very helpful to study earth tremors. Danbo and Nolan combine their vocal and drum work to compete nationally in competitions such as American Idol, Please The Metal Gods, and Little Miss Texas 2011 to hone in their vocal and drum work. The duo are actually defending champs from back in Little Miss Texas 2010, so this years competition should be intense defending their crown.

I'm not going to say much more on this band, but I will definitely encourage you all to check it out. If you're a fan of djent this is a must, but even if not, this is by far one of the more versatile bands I've heard in a while, and trust me, I've heard a lot of bands. This band will get big if they keep this up. You can't hold these djentlemen down! Now get out there and give "Animism" a listen to some bass popping, neck snapping Texas groove metal. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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